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2008 Ford F-350 Series Super Duty DRW
About Our Vehicles:

All models are non-operating, highly detailed, and factory assembled. Models feature precisely molded ABS plastic components, authentic paint, and either painted or reduced-luster plated, simulated-chrome finish grille, bumpers, and wheels, as appropriate. Models include tinted clear window inserts and pre-colored interiors, as well as a

detailed chassis.
To facilitate interior detailing, major assemblies are held together by friction fit, and may be carefully disassembled. Click on Reference Tab, above, for additional information. All variants are also available as undecorated kits.

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F-350 XL Regular Cab
White, Coast Guard Sta. Cape Hatteras, DRW (no flares), with black grille and bumpers, 17" black painted wheels

Part Number: 538-5155.24

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