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Body and Chassis Accessories & Details
About Our Vehicle Models:

    * Injection molded ABS
    * Accurate designs & details
    * Officially licensed
    * Optional accessory/detail packs
    * Rubber tires
    * Reduced-lustre chrome details
    * Undecorated kits

  A growing variety of parts sets and accessory kits are available to modelers, allowing one to replicate a variety of common task-vehicles. Some sets include wheels and tires, others ladders and racks, toolboxes, etc.; many of which can be used on other model brands, as well. Some sets are available pre-painted, others are plated (as appropriate), and some are only undecorated; not all sets will be available in all variants. Additional future releases are planned. Vehicles are not included!

These sets contain small parts, and just like our models, they are not suitable for children. Most items must be attached using a suitable adhesive. Mounting or alignment pins are provided to facilitate installation; some installations may require drilling holes. Unless noted to the contrary, all items are non-operating, i.e., extension ladders do not extend, etc.

537-5250.27 - Discontinued, for reference only 537-5251.59 537-5251.65 537-5252.19